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In one version of her backstory, she was trained as a spy and assassin from a young age, although this was later altered so that she had fought in World War 2 as a child.

As demonstrated by how many heroes have wanted to date her, and how many that have.

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Comics are supposed to be fun, and Samnee and Waid have nailed it. Like Nick Fury, beyond her immortality, most of her badassery is from training. The maneuvers look flawless and almost out of nowhere by the final panel.

First Look: Black Widow #1

She has been accused of this time and again, though the actual number is not that large. It's a wonder why she is the most hated member of the team when she's arguably the most versatile and skilled one of all.

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Rogue thinks she's a good kisser. Black Widow 1 was an unsatisfyingdebut issue. Like Captain AmericaBlack Widow has been genetically enhanced with a serum that not only calzonzin inspector 1974 online dating her looking young, but also gives her super strength.

If there is a flaw, it's only in that this is just the first issue, and it remains to be seen if the quality can continue to be this high. Varies depending on the storyline.

An issue of X-Men: When Onslaught killed the rest of the team, the job of organizing missions, recruiting new members and forming a new team fell on Natasha, and for some reason, she failed miserably.

That is a lot of money and I expect more than just an issue that reads like a prelude. However, I also like some character work and interesting plot lines, too.

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Black Widow 1 felt lacking in so many ways. Given that it's not only a huge part of her past but also accounts for many more abilities than we've witnessed on screen, plenty of fans are even irritated that she's portrayed more as a skilled spy than a hero with super abilities of her own.

Dark and Troubled Past: How she joined the Avengers in the first place.

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Another one from the Avengers movie that fans latched onto is the vague reference to 'Budapest'. Given her history of failed missions, it's not as surprising on the surface.

But she proceeds to break the unconscious man's spine to keep true to her word, greatly disturbing her companion. Granted, if you count most of the instances where Natasha had a case of sticky fingers, it was usually for her mother country, not for her own personal gain.

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She provides examples of:

Some writers have implied that it also was responsible for placing her in peak human condition or gave vague enhancements to her strength and speed.

Given that he was never brought up again, Vindiktor may have simply been a crazy person talking nonsense, but what point would that even serve?

But the issue was over way too quickly for my tastes. To make matters even worse, she was sued by the Mary Stark Foundation for infringing upon the Avenger logo by attempting to use it with a new team!

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Varies depending on the writer and the venue. Think that one over. Distracted by the Sexy: So in some respects, she's a hero for staying true to her word, but Under the pen of certain artists.

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In the series, a black cat keeps showing up at her apartment. Natasha's usual demeanour in recent years is one of chilly professionalism.

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He apparently named himself after his vow, too? Afterward, she opted to join them. Why not give her a cool day job, too?

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At the very least, Mockingbird has a crush on her. Her famous love life has led her to be involved with a number of superhero suitors: I finished the issue and had the feeling of wanting so much more for my money.