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More to the point, he's stated time and time again that he would never get married.

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Now, the thing with Bill is, he has a vast wealth of red-pill thoughts, stories, and perspectives. Bill getting married feels like watching a friend relapse into an addiction, with that level of disappointment.

And this is where a lot of his fans frustrations come from.

Dating History

He knows how awful the divorce laws in the states are, and he knows that marriage is pointless, especially when you're already living heightism in dating and marriage someone. Her parents divorced when she was a kid and as a result, she had to split bill burr ex dating best friend time growing up with her mom elsewhere and with her dad in Los Angeles.

I'm certainly not at his age and maybe when I get there I'll think a little differently. Despite his granddaughter having more family living in the South - including her drug-addicted father - Elliot furiously battles for sole custody, stating that his fight is not born of racial hatred, but due to the loss of both his wife bill burr ex dating best friend daughter making his granddaughter the only thing he has left in the world.

When his granddaughter's African American grandmother Rowena Octavia Spencer arrives to tell him that they should share custody, Elliot is reluctant to the point of hostility. Every so often he'd drop a couple lines about an insecurity within himself, but you'd barely notice since he'd do it so casually and natural.

Later on, however, she awakens with several voice messages from work explaining that the network are looking for a new anchor; this is the job of a lifetime for Meghan, but she has a serious mission if she wants to get to the studio on time - a mission that's made even more complicated when her car is towed away with her purse inside and she finds herself lost without money, ID or a phone.

Nia could easily take another post to explain so I'll leave it there. He mentions in several specials his own awareness that he's in his 40's, not married with no kids and that he feels pressure to "pick a street".

Seems like simple stuff now but to a 17 year old, watching him start off a special bringing up pedophiles and proceeding to make the crowd actually laugh about it, was inconcievable.

Bill's been in a tight spot for a long time.

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Im not talking about the typical, "womens vote and independance and then dominate me in the bedroom" kind of feminist. I think his fear of being alone is part of what drives his stand-up and in particular his marriage with Nia. She reportedly met Burr while she was working on a comedy show. It was easier to play the role of a spoiled housewife than to get my ass up every day and possibly fail.

Now, long winded posts aside, this is of course just my interpretation. Walk Of Shame Trailer Meghan Miles is a reporter whose best friends insist on taking her out and dragging her away from a night in alone wearing sweatpants.

It doesn't make any sense. Nia is an actress, filmmaker, and writer. After some dates, the pair became an item and soon moved in together in Los Angeles, right before Burr got his breakthrough as a stand-up act. Just what trouble will she have to push through to collect her belongings and get to work on time?

She wore what looked like a navy blue jumpsuit with heels for the event. It's akin to watching a friend of yours spend a decade complaining about Russian roulette but then going ahead and playing it anyways.

Is Gabriel Iglesias Dead? Imagine what it feels like to be the only guy within your friends to still not have a girlfriend or gotten laid. But not only did he get married, he married a feminist. It may take me a few years, but I want to be an equal financially contributing member of my household.

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I've listened to it on and off for 3 years and it's great to hear his material before it's distilled and refined. His Feminist Wife Bill marrying Nia is the result of caving to ones own deepest fears. This is the man that through his stand-up, showed that you can talk about taboo subjects and more importantly that it's not morally wrong to think differently.

Thus, Nia has sort of been by his side all through the while. Even though I still love his work and think he's an amazing comedian. This post was last modified: Lola Burr Bill and wife Nia welcomed their very first child, a daughter named Lola on the 20th of January Not being one in the past few years has made me feel bad and has created an imbalance in my relationship.


The conflict between rationallity, and the emotional and social insecurities had been taking place for a long time. He's brought up several times in his podcasts and his stand-up that it's a big insecurity with him.

Yes, Bill has stated plenty of times that he hates the idea of marriage, BUT he's also repeatedly expressed his fear of growing old alone. For example, his views on marriage, divorce, women, feminism, and a wide array of issues that it seems the MSM refuses to cover.

He talks to the crowd in a personal way too. Rationally, he knows it's a bad idea. I mean, he could've married Nia a lot earlier, since they'd been together more than 10 years before this.

Problem is, that while this is something he feels inward pressure to do, he also has social pressure and the sting of being an outsider to his friends and the people in his life.

He's seen how men are treated in marriage and divorce. That being said, there's definitely a difference between his podcast and his stand-up.

With everyone thinking she's just a roaming hooker, nobody seems willing to help her.

Comedian Bill Burr On MESHUGGAH's Live Show: "It Was A Life-Altering Experience"

For Bill though, in a battle of wills between his principles and insecurities, the latter finally won. It all comes back to his stand-up. First off, I love Bill Burr. He has released at least 5 comedy albums and is known for hosting the Monday Morning Podcast which despite the name airs several times a week.

And success, for that matter. There's even a whole bit where he talks about the differences between how men and women argue where he mentions this.

After her grandmother dies in a car accident, Elliot Anderson Kevin Costner takes on the responsibility of raising her by himself.