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Because she does not have a state-provided health insurance card, the hospital requests that Senada pay Bosnian marks eurosa fortune for a modest iron picker.

Epizoda u zivotu beraca zeljeza (2013)

He searches daily for scrap metal while his partner Senada tends to their home and their two young daughters. Danis Tanovic Nazif barely makes ends meet as an iron picker to support his family. A third baby is on the way. Since she does not have health insurance, she do not go to the doctor's -- she does not have the money for the appointments.

Epizoda u zivotu beraca zeljeza

The condition is critical and Senada needs immediate treatment at a faraway city hospital. What kind of people have we become? They have no money, but the rules are rules. The diagnosis is that Senada has miscarried and is still carrying her dead five-month old fetus.

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Despite Nazifs begging, Senada is denied the crucial surgery and forced to return home to their Roma community in central Bosnia and Herzegovina. I think it is necessary for the story to be recorded, not only to initiate discussions about our society in which all sorts of alienation and discrimination are omni-present, but to, through the emotional understanding of the victim's state, reach the moment when we all ask ourselves: But in the Hospital Nasif and Senada are given a number of the hospital's bank account with the request for payment of EUR.

After a long days work, Nazif finds Senada laid up in pain. Is it possible that fifteen years after the war -- In which I was a witness of an unbelievable bravery and devotion every day, in which people risked their lives to help a stranger in need -- today we live in a society that turns its head away from the socially underprivileged and behaves as if it cannot see the horror that surrounds us.

For the next 10 days, Nazif will do everything he can to try and save Senadas life desperately searching for more scrap metal, seeking help from state institutions For the next 10 days, Nazif and Senada will be fully exposed to the callousness of contemporary society.

No system is inhumane as long as there are good people among us. For 10 days, Nazif is trying to save Senda's life the best he can.

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She is pregnant with her third child for approximately five months. Without a health insurance card and money, Senada returns home. The following day, he borrows a car to drive her to the nearest clinic.

After an ultrasound scan, a doctor in the Health Center concludes that Senada must urgently go to the City Hospital in Tuzla for an emergency surgery. When she starts bleeding, she had to go to the Lukavac Health Center.