Benelli SuperNova Review - Pics about space Benelli SuperNova Review - Pics about space

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The most distinguishing features of this shotgun are its single receiver and changeable stock with shim kit. Both pumps are great. I kinda like the 8 shot for home defense. The recoiling system is devised in such a way that it has links to the stock and the mercury element inside the recoil apparatus.

The answers, it turned out, would surprise me. The safety is reversible and is suitable for left hand shooting. The women folk have a great liking to this shotgun as they feel comfortable with it.

I can adjust drop and cast with a shim kit. Would my shoulder be sore?

The most distinguishing features of the gun is its single lightweight receiver and the butt stock, which are made of heavy-duty polymer to keeping it resistant to weather, scratch, and other ordinary neglects that a working gun regularly encounters.

Skeet rules be damned, I just hunkered down at Station 1 and fired a few shots.

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It also has fixed IC, M and Full choke tubes. Time to fire two shots in a row, forcing me to do something my regular shotgun had always done for me: Also, it guarantees better results against most of the backgrounds.

Benelli supernova review

The assembly instructions were clear and simple: Heyser The first time I held a pump-action shotgun, I hated it. That turned out to be the least of my problems for two reasons: As for your Aquila mini shells, screw that b. Birdshot was a better option inside city limits than buckshot, slugs, or my handgun for such.

Back to the manual, where I found a cool feature of this gun: This gun is about function; if you want style, go get yourself a spendy side-by-side. While in action and pumping the forearm, if the button is pressed, it will block the next round, leading to use the ejection port.

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But as I sat there waiting … and waiting … and waiting for the doves to come, I realized my hand was straining. Birdshot is better than nothing, but odds are good that it will only create a nasty flesh wound and not a deadly hit. So far, so good! February 13, Now, time to hold this baby.

Benelli Supernova

Does this mean the grip would be too big for all women? The modular stock system has the facility to switch between three different stocks. Benelli Supernova Elegantly built, the Benelli Supernova bore is a pump gun with a lightweight steel framework having quality polymer coating. Labor costs money, more so than ever.

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I was blown away. But still, I loved the fact that I could at least — in theory — break this gun down with nothing but a little cap. Then you can use the inside edge of the cap to pull the pins completely out of the receiver.

I loved this gun.

Gun Review: Benelli SuperNova - The Truth About Guns

It is strong and capable to resist all sorts of weather conditions. A little better, but still way off for buckshot at fps tested and fps claimed. Reading online I found that others have the same difficulties. That may seem minor, but for me it was a deal-breaker.

Also, would have been most appropriate to test the patterns on those mini-shells at various ranges. However, the ghost ring sight is not comfortable for wing shooting.

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Given that hunting in the rain is pretty much routine for me did I mention I hunt ducks? Not all of them, but enough. There are two main models available in the market.