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Ball is in your court dating, meaning of idiom “ball is in your court”

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The ball's in your court

Thelines on the court are 2 inches wide and the free zone measures awidth of 2 meters. If the ball is on your side, or in your court, then it is your turn to move.

What does it mean to put a ball in to ball? What is the meaning of ball in? Measurement of volley ball court? What does it mean out of court?

The Ball’s in Your Court Origin and Meaning - Bloomsbury International

A player may serve an unlimited number of lets without penalty. In an attempt to help your or his case.

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This was a strict reading of the Constitution in that the court saw nothing in the Constitution that prohibitted it. Later, the court reversed itself in another case and ruled that separate facilities were inherently unequal and did violate the Constitution.

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Where are the volley ball positions Loacated the court? A service that touches the net and lands in the server's court is called a fault.

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Thisallows each side to be equal at 30 feet by 30 feet. The court is the basketball court. What does it means when they say the player need to snooker example blue ball to win?


What does it mean to say that an activist court is legislating from the bench? Ok, say there are just 3 balls left on the table at the end of a frame of snooker. When parties in a legal dispute agree between themselves to a settlement without going before a judge or without waiting for a trial to be concluded, they have settled out of court.

Some looked at the court's decision as being its own amendment to the Constitution or federal law.

For example

An activist court is said to be legislating from the bench when it makes decisions that change existing law by its own interpretation of those laws or by the way it directs implementation of its decisions. The service is invalid and done over but there is no penalty. A standard volleyball court measures 60 feet by 30 feet.

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Unlike on The People's Court where litigants say "objection" when the other party says something they don't agree with, objections must be based on a legal rule of evidence such as hearsay, the question has already been asked and answered, badgering of the witness, the answer calls for a conclusion and the witness is not an "expert"the question is argumentative.

For example, a witness said that so-and-so said blah, blah. It pretty much means it is up to you to make the next move.

The ball is in your court.

It means, like, what happens next is up to you, you have to make the decision This is a sports idiom. Sizes for a volley ball court? Which means you play a let. MERGE already exists as an alternate of this question.

Isn't a let when a ball rolls on to your court?

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The attorney who did not call the witness to the stand would have objected that the statement was "hearsay. In Billiards, it doesn't apply to snooker or pool, a cueball in the Baulk area must be played down the table, that is out of Baulk.

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MERGE exists and is an alternate of. It means that one of the attorneys made a legal objection and the judge agreed to it.