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While the manufacturer discontinued the Porsche inbringing an end to the era of air-cooled motors, it is still possible to find one on eBay, where reliable sellers also stock a range of spare parts and accessories. But it sure looks backdating porsche 993 gt2 and is special, not only because less than were made.

For those of you unfamiliar with the technique it goes something like this: Given the scarcity and value of such a car, it may seem unthinkable that Vidar is willing to risk everything on track with some of the most bonkers, ticking-time-bomb-shed-built-monsters that Gatebil is known for.

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There are a number of things that rich woman poor man dating this car quite special, but let me first start with the unexpected place I discovered the car — Gatebil.

But as scarce as the road cars are, the race cars are even rarer still. The car had a Turbo 3. Powering this beast is a 3. Totally overkill for the Gatebil Extreme sessions but too awesome to replace.

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Fortunately this year at Mantorp Park, Paddy, Dino and I were on a mission to leave as few cars un-featured as possible, which gave me the motivation necessary to really give this car a good second look.

Around back the carbon flares are even more massive, allowing perfect fitment of the thirteen-and-a-half-inch wide BBS wheels. Subscribe to see the full article kW Carrera 3. Huge manifolds, plus huge turbos, plus huge straight exhaust, equals maximum exhaust tone.

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As you can see, the Cup cars got the front and rear spoilers. It left me no choice. For conviniency the large glass roof panel comes with a shade. The Targa was equipped with distinctive 2-piece 17" wheels.

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Subscribe to see the full article May: In all, this particular duck competed in 62 races from before being sold. Subscribe to see the full article Supercup winner Jean-Pierre Malcher points, 2.

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Even the doors are featherweight, but fit perfectly — a testament to the quality fit and finish of a factory-built racer. The Evo saw an increase in power to With the launch of the generation GT2, several privateers attempted to continue on the motorsports history by building their own racing versions.

So there I was, standing face-to-face with a genuine GT2 Evo 2. Seeing the car's potential to be fast and reliable, as well as customer demand for a car to replace the Carrera RSRs, Porsche chose to develop the turbocharged for customer use.

Another notable achievement in was the Pikes Peak hillclimb victory by Jeff Zwart in a Turbo.

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Due to FIA homologation rules, Porsche was forced to build and sell road-going GT2 variants which are now some of the most highly sought after s around, with only a few hundred examples built worldwide. Emmanuel Collard p. I think this incredible fits the bill rather nicely. Starting from May they made around twelve Turbo Cabriolets.

Indeed the is a rare breed — it represented a very small blip in the timeline but is a pivotal turning point in the story.

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But he not only races against cars that weigh half as much and produce double the horsepower, he usually wins. But what does it all mean, Basil? Starting with the Carrera turbo for Group5 racing, followed by the a racing version of the for Group4 racing, then the famous Porsche which dominated Group5 and IMSA racing through A strange discovery Ah yes, the Porsche As models, they naturally came with the Varioram engine.

The suspension was modified to improve racing performance, while the engine was slightly tweaked for endurance.

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In fact, just about every panel on the car save for the rear quarter has been replaced with some form of carbon. Perhaps the reason I find these cars so appealing has something to do with the fact that the has a reputation unlike any other car.

There was also some really interesting documentation of the races the car competed in while piloted by Alzen. I think you can see where Nakai-san found the inspiration for his flares.

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Byhowever, the capabilities of the GT2 were unable to combat the increased number of Chrysler Viper GTS-Rs in the series, earning only a single victory. The GT2 race car featured a stripped interior, integrated rollcage for safety, minor adjustments to the bodywork and wings in order to decrease weight as well as increase downforce, and wider fenders to handle racing slicks.

Twin KKK turbochargers, fitted with required air restrictors, allowed for Simply roll back the top and enjoy the wind in your hair. Teamed up with some custom cams, head work and aftermarket pistons and rods, this engine cranks out just over hp, which is actually quite tame by Gatebil standards.


For sun worshippers, the Porsche Targa, with its retractable glass roof, is ideal. Thank god I did. The base model Coupe, available in rear and all-wheel drive versions, is highly customizable, with a wide selection of extras so each car is unique to the owner; but the subsequent Porsche RS and GT2 models are a solid choice for Porsche fans craving ultimate performance.