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Eun Hye worked well with the rest of the group, and helped establish internal solidarity at last. With each album, Baby V. Following her departure, Baby V. However, they still were not through their difficulties, as new member Lee Gai was forced to leave the group for lying about her age.

Yoon Eun Hye is now a successful actress, having secured lead roles in popular series such as "Coffee Prince" and "Goong".

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She is currently taking a break from the entertainment industry. X was reborn with a cute image fotoshoppen online dating contrast the tougher image of the first album and with two new members, Shim Baby v o x profile dating Jin and Lee Gai.

The group carried on activities as a four member group until July 25,when Yoon Eun Hye also left, wanting to pursue a career in acting.

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On July 15,Kan officially launched her own fashion line named Kanderella. Following the Sichuan earthquake in China, Kan collaborated with various Asian artists to release "Promise" and "I Love Asia" for a fund raising project that supported the victims of the earthquake.

The group held a concert in Mongolia inbeing the first Korean idol band to do so. Despite her hiatus, Kan proved that she was still hot in the Korean industry.

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She received an envelope containing razor blades and a letter threatening to murder her. Their skyrocketing fame earned them opportunities to host shows on variety programs, and eventually cross over into China, where they became the very first Korean girl group to hold a concert and film a Chinese CF.

From the beginning, this group experienced a rocky go. Despite the loss, the remaining three members still had plans to continue performing and also to release a new album by the end of Though the group's company claimed that they had permission to use Tupac's vocals, this move not only angered hip-hop fans, but got the group into legal trouble.

T member Moon Hee Joonwhich attracted many anti-fans and negative press. Junsua pre-release single for her upcoming album.

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During December of that year, the group undertook efforts to make their second album better, living together to strengthen their teamwork, and building up physical strength for their new album's dance by practicing Taekkyeon.

Supposedly, Tupac had recorded the piece while he was still in jail, and his representatives argued that Baby VOX had no rights to use it.

X's third studio album, Come Come Come Baby, the lead single, Get Up, reached number one on Korea's pop charts, securing their spot as one of Korea's top pop music groups. To top it all off, he remarked that they looked like prostitutes in the MV.

She had somehow fooled the agency into believing she was only 20 years old, when she was actually After their success of the third album, they started promoting themselves internationally, including China, Japan and other Southeast Asian countries.

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At a time when idols were highly discreet about their personal lives, the scandal made headlines and even became evening news material. X member Shim Eun-jin who is also signed with Mako. The girls tried to perfect their member dynamics and experimented with different genres of music, all while combating criticisms for being 'unorthodox and 'inappropriate'.

With her new short hair and sexy image, Kan released her first digital single, Going Crazy ft. The scandal never really died out, but the girls tried to move past their irrational haters with a better, stronger album. They also became popular in China and released one mini-album, Go in Japan.

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Unfortunately, during the middle of the first album activities, lead singer Hyun Jun left the group for unknown reasons. After two short months, promotions for their final album came to a close. Their lead track from their second album, " Ya Ya Ya ", gained great popularity with its cute, catchy sound.

X, this version had a much more mature and sexual image. He reportedly chased her for a year before she finally decided to give him a chance; the two split a few months later.

Yoon Eun Hye followed inas did many others. Eventually DJ DOC did apologize, but it had a huge impact on the girls' image and they stopped promoting the song shortly after.

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The album was a reflection on her personal life and maturing as a woman. In August ofBaby V. In the years that followed, Baby VOX made a number of appearances in variety shows.

The group gained a vast loyal fan base in KoreaChinaThailand and other Asian markets.