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I added the exception that if the escorting ship in the same hex were a battleship or battlecruiser, no ahkah online dating contact check was required, because the strength of such an escort might give the admiral enough confidence he could withstand a surface attack that he would stay and fight.

Submarines prowled the oceanic depths to intercept them. Series War at Sea: Set of 40 models, released on June 8, Or build your ultimate fleet and try it in battle.

I can see perhaps counting the loss of such "light" capital ships as a "half-capital" loss for the purposes of this rule - I might play around with that. Introduces Polish and Swedish warships. More playtesting is required, and I'm open to ideas from the rest of you as to how this approach might be further improved.

Axis and Allies War at Sea

The last of the three break contact conditions, where a side only has its carriers, and their immediate same hex escorts left on the board, was another bow to the notion that any admiral who would have lost their surface screen was not likely to stick around for the enemy's surface ships to arrive.

Zwaardvischnot Zvaardvisch. Riding high on the waves were carriers, battleships, cruisers and destroyers, aiming to engage a foreign power. The roundel in Task Force was correct. Only additional unacknowledged errata are listed here: But who shall tell us now what sort of Navy to build?

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We shall take leave to be strong upon the seas, in the future as in the past; and there will be no thought of offense or provocation in that. I've also played with the idea that each side might have a different percentage for a given scenario, based on historical considerations.

Here are the duplicate American rares I wound up with: Sure enough, I was able to fill the remaining holes with the other 12 boosters!

These rules build off of the advanced set of rules that came with the game. Set of 40 models, released on October 24, I'm very excited about how this set is going to help newer players, since it contains a lot of reprints from sets that have not been available for some time.

It didn't seem right that an admiral was likely to leave the area if he had lost a bunch of destroyers and a handful of cruisers and planes, if his main units were still intact. The war at sea involving huge fleets.

Aliquippa Pennsylvania I may be a bit biased, but the ruleset that I and my gaming buddy Dan worked up are all our group uses now: Released on March 16, ; It includes 9 randomized units, 2 double-sided battle maps, 6 island cards, and 8 six-sided dice.

For the first time in war, aircraft buzzed overhead, searching for submarines, surface ships and other aircraft. Naval officers must therefore understand not only how to fight a war, but how to use the tremendous power which they operate to sustain a world of liberty and justice, without unleashing the powerful instruments of destruction and chaos that they have at their command.

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It addresses errata such as misprints and ambiguously worded rules for the Task Force expansion. In the expansion Flank Speed, the set checklist lists the Voroshilov as part of the Soviet forces, but the actual ship included in the set is the Kirov.

Rules[ edit ] War at Sea uses fairly simple rules. This error is partially acknowledged in the Clarifications Document. Overally, I'm very happy with what I got out of this set. Until now, only professionals could reenact the battles. Set of 39 models, released on December 7, Our ships are our natural bulwarks.

Axis and Allies Destroyer

Released on March 16, ; It includes 8 miniatures, 2 double-sided battle maps, 4 six-sided dice and a new rule book. I've worked on the "break contact" rule concept for a couple of years, and it has evolved quite a bit. The advanced rules have been periodically updated, beginning in Julywith the Clarifications Document.

Overall, I got a pretty good distribution in my cases; while I did get a few duplicate rares, they were all desirable and I never got more than 2 of any of them: After opening half of the boosters 12 of themI was doing pretty well. Introduces Soviet and New Zealander warships. And finally, I got several duplicate Japanese rares.

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At this point, I was optomistic that I would be able to get the entire set out of these two cases. The main motivation was to create a more realistic setting for how fleets engaged and disengaged.

This meant that by the time the retreating fleet reached the edge of its side of the map, it was often totally wiped out, which again was something I was trying to avoid. War-gaming expanded to the commercial sector and now you can fight these famous battles all over again and change the result.

Note I only got one duplicate rare, and it was of the New Jersey: Since at least one unit of the Task Force expansion set directly refers to these new rules, they are implicitly considered as part of the core ruleset, despite only having been published online to date.

The correct name of the Dutch submarine is Hr. If you or anyone out there gives these rules a spin, please let me know how they work out for you!

However, I found that losses that high took longer to reach, and that later in the game both sides were usually heavily engaged in the middle of the map. Instituting this capital ship rule shifted attention back to the historical aspect of WW2 fleet battles, where both sides tended to concentrate on sinking each other's big ships.

I've also given thought to varying the probability of breaking contact between two fleets by varying the D6 roll result requirement for each side once a break contact check is triggered.

To show that, here are the pulls arranged in order from 1 to 40, in rows of Seems to work reasonably well, and we have playtested these fairly extensively. Find out with Axis and Allies Miniatures: Introduces Greek and Finnish warships.

Fleet Command usually known as Set V: As you can see, not too many holes! Still, YMMV and there's always room for improvement also - does not necessarily align perfectly with the most recent set of advanced rules as packaged with the revised starter set - I will have to consider a further revision at some point!

Convoys and merchant ships transported needed supplies and troops from one part of the world to another. The players can get quickly familiarized with the Quick Start Guide and then continue with the Advanced Rules. Right now, if any of the three conditions is met, a D6 result of "" results in the break contact order being issued, only a roll of "6" allows the admiral to avoid breaking contact that turn.

There are some companies and blog sites that offer other ideas for Battles, advanced rules and tactics as well. Originally, I just looked to use the percentage of total points lost versus starting points as the means to trigger the break contact order. Their names have been emblazoned in the annals of war and history: I'm a naval history buff, and having devoured books on the subject for years, I wanted my games to end in a historically plausible way.