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The Executive understands that failure to do so exposes the Company, its officers, directors, Executives and agents to possible sanctions, monetary penalties, criminal prosecution and other disciplinary actions. The Executive represents and warrants to the Company that he is free to accept employment hereunder and that he has no prior or other obligations or commitments of any kind to anyone that would in any way hinder or interfere with his acceptance of the full, uninhibited and faithful performance of this Agreement, or the exercise of his best efforts as an Executive of the Company.

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During the entire Term of this Agreement, the Executive shall devote his business time, effort, skill and attention to the affairs of the Company and its subsidiaries, will use his best efforts to promote the interests of the Company, and will discharge his responsibilities in a diligent and faithful manner, consistent with sound business practices.

The Executive specifically represents that he has not brought to the Company during the period before the signing of this Agreement and he will not bring to the Company any materials or documents of a former or present employer, or any confidential information or property of any other person, firm or entity.

The Company owns all of the proprietary interests in the Company's good will and its Confidential Information as hereinafter definedall of which information is not publicly available and is considered by the Company to be confidential trade secrets.

The Company imparts to its Employees, and said Employees require during the course of their employment, access to Confidential Information. The Executive shall seek appropriate guidance from the Company when the application of a law is unclear. The Executive shall not receive any remuneration from any outside person or entity related to the services performed by the Executive for the Company or the products purchased or sold by the Company.

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Executive acknowledges the vulnerability of the Company to post-employment competition by Executive and is willing to enter into this Agreement with the Company, pursuant to which Executive agrees not to disclose any of the Company's Confidential Information and not to compete against the Company following termination of employment for the time periods and to the limited extent set forth in this Agreement.

The Company desires to employ Executive as its Chief Financial Officer and Executive desires to accept such employment, pursuant to the terms set forth in this Agreement.

In furtherance of the foregoing: As such, the Executive shall occupy a position of and commit to the highest degree of trust, loyalty, honesty and good faith in all of his dealings with and on behalf of the Company. Executive during the course of employment with the Company: The Company is vulnerable to unfair post-employment competition by Executive, since Executive has access to Confidential Information and has personal relationships with the Company's suppliers, Customers and prospective Customers.