Astro A50 Ps4 Setup Astro A50 Ps4 Setup

Astro a50 hook up to ps4 release, featured video

Hero of the day mossaic I'm looking to upgrade my headset and have been looking hard at the a50 gen3.

How to Hook Up a Gaming Headset to the PlayStation 4 - Astro A40 - Astro A50 - Turtle Beach

Hey can i set it up where i could talk to people on pc and ps4 at the same time and hear the game and party sound? Basically basically katy phelan: Is it worth updating the firmware and messing with the astro command compulsively flirtatious The syncing was the last step, i've missed and it's great that you've had it all covered.

I guess it's too complicated to change a number for Astro Talal Alraish: That last points important because while the A50 might look top head in that tiny dock, the magnet does a superb job of keeping the cans nice and safe when not in use.

I have the Halo Edition so there is no mix amp.

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I don't have a mixamp with mine what do I do Mwp I cant remember but do you need a cord going from the controller to the headset? My biggest question is can you adjust your game and chat audio separately like how I can on my turtle beach headset?

How do you chat?! Thanks man, astro official tutorial is a complete mess. Perfect vid, thanks buddy. Compatible with both PC and consoles, though not both the XB1 and PS4, and equipped with a smart magnetic dock the A50 is some serious kit, but sadly in our testing it didn't quite feel like a perfect experience.

Re: Setting up Astro A50 headset on the ps4 using a Xb1 elite controller

Does the astro A50 allow for actual 7. Or is it 5. Do i need to update the headset like the transmitter or thats it? Did this video help you? It might not impact most gamers who have one console, but anyone who's thrown in with both the PS4 and Xbox One might start to feel the pinch if they're also expected to shell out for two seperate headsets on top.

Astro a50 ps4 update

Each single charge will last around hours which is a lot of PS4 or Xbox One action before you ever have to worry about charging up again.

While functional, we also really liked the newly designed base station a lot, because not only is it clean and surprisingly light, it looks great sitting snuggly next to your home console set up and completely avoids any awkward plug and charge issue, made even easier by the red battery progress bar.

They, meaning Astro should of changed the Astro 50 on the new version. While essentially you could simply hook the optical out into your TV and enjoy wireless audio for everything you do, the chat function will only work with the specific console which is really the first big let down here.

Got the A50, to work on my new PS4, after not using it for years.

Astro A50 Headset Set Up with PS4 Firmware Update Guide (@ASTROGaming)

Speaking of which, the battery life on offer isn't anything to be sniffed at either. Published 1st May ASTRO The Astro A50 is a fantastic wireless gaming headset for PS4 and Xbox One - but it's not cheap Astro have long been a name held high in the headset arena, both in terms of quality and pricing but with the latest update to their flagship headset, the A50, is it still worth the investment?

Very helpful man really appreciate it!