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I clearly remember that I put much attention to my sleep process, thus when I felt myself dozing in that state of transition between vigil and dream, I acted intelligently. Thus, if you think that you are going to get up from that chair and go to the street, but you do not act, it is clear that you will remain seated there on that chair.

This is not to a matter of thinking, but of actions! Then you can go to Paris, London, or wherever pleases you. Coming back to our body is not difficult at all. Bad experience online dating, we are affecting the astral realm whilst at the same time forming our own experiences.

Most of the time we go back to our physical body a lot sooner than we would have wanted to. But many people close their eyes to the Astral Projection Dangers.

Others say that Astral Projection is totally safe. The physical world is more scary Despite many people worrying about the supposed dangers of the astral realm, the physical, real world is much more scary!

Out of Body Myths

We like exactness, precision, in everything. Thus, floating wonderfully in the luminous space, I was filled with a happiness that is inconceivable for human beings, and finally I arrived at the city of Paris.

Like all activities, once it reaches the obsessive level, the rest of your life will begin to suffer. Which means that creatures from the astral world attache to them.

It is obvious that I had to soar over the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. So then this case is similar, young lady. Plant the seeds of mindfulness in your daily life and your relationships with others as this will act as a mirror of your experiences whether in this world or any other.

If you neglect any one of these things in favor of another, problems will arise.

Beyond Death, a book by Samael Aun Weor

However, what if something has gotten there before you? Which can take you very far from your physical body. After all, why take longer or use more effort when you can do it faster or with less effort?

Demons can try to scare you off by shapeshifting into huge, frightening monsters or lure and manipulate you by disguising themselves as a being of light. Some people are worried that the silver cord which links your physical body to your astral body could rupture if you go too far or if it rubs against a rough surface.

Because of the energetic nature of this link, it cannot be broken, cut or damaged with any physical object.

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If you are floating underwater or through outer space you will not need a special suit to breathe. All you have to do is avoid beings with dark or muddy-colored auras.

Can we get lost in the other dimensions while we are in an astral projection? Other games have abilities which are roughly equal in overall power, but different in effect setting people on fire vs electrocuting them.

Astral Projection Dangers - Is the Astral Plane Dangerous?

We hope this post we will clear up any confusion and fear surrounding these topics. Like when you dream, you stay in your body, but your attention is directed elsewhere. The reality is that some people have had frightening experiences during astral projection and have explained them as encounters with malevolent entities or troubles associated with leaving or getting back to their physical bodies.

I affectionately greeted my friend and the soul of his wife, who was also outside her body; it is not irrelevant to also state that as the children were also sleeping, their souls were outside their bodies. In this concrete case you must understand that your body has been left in bed and that you as soul are outside the body and far from the bed.

Usually people describe this phenomenon as dreams, yet indeed this is an astral projection. And find ways to avoid them. Thus, feel yourself as being soul and then with smoothness and delicacy—as the souls rise—get up from your bed.

I then said farewell to that initiate and—soaring in the atmosphere—I passed over great walls and then soared over a highway, by a serpentine way full of curves, until I arrived at a wonderful temple.

Common dangers of astral travel explained

The key is to focus and have a clean mind. So, action is what is needed. Possession — The astral world is full of spiritual creations. But the truth is, that there are many reports of dangerous situations resulted from out of body experiences.

It is indeed true that, throughout history, there has always been a stronger emphasis on the supposed risks of astral projection than on the benefits that could be obtained from it. There is a wide variety of shades of consciousness on the astral plane, ranging in ascending order from adverse and toxic to neutral to blossoming.

For example, if your body hears a loud noise, or senses a change of temperature, your astral self will immediately return to your physical body. This is because you are highly suggestive to mental suggestion while in an astral state: This is an experience which many people believe is a real thing.

Surround Yourself with Positive People Part of the journey is the people you take it with. Therefore, it is not affected.

Astral Projection Dangers Explained: You Need To Know This

Yes, we have to explore the astral world, to grow spiritually. It is the same place we go during our dreams. The broader our knowledge about astral projection, about which planes or dimensions we can access, which beings we can meet and how to deal with all of it, the easier it will be to conquer fear.