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The grammar is relatively easy to learn, however, which allows a person to advance quickly. As a child, he found it hard to read and write.

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That's exactly what makes internationalisms so exciting! Veel mensen kunnen lezen en schrijven. Cultural circles play an important role in the adoption. The spelling of the words is usually very similar as well.

Sarah, it was barely even literate.

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They is jackie dating belong to the Sino-Tibetan language family. Cathy zegt dat u hem leert lezen en schrijven.

Many internationalisms come from science. I can read and writeMrs.

By Lawrence A. Boland.

I learnt to read and write The pronunciation is often the same. Old internationalisms are derived from a common root. Hij heeft alleen moeite met lezen en schrijven.

Ze leerde haar lezen en schrijven. Kinderen leren daar lezen en schrijven met de videocomputer. He even had to learn to read and write again.

Taalpunt! Voor iedereen die beter wil leren lezen en schrijven.

Nor to geographic boundaries. Technical terms also spread quickly and worldwide.

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I'm an archer who can read and write. Iedere gek kan lezen en schrijven. Every civilization has its own traditions. Suggest an example Results: A total of about 1.

Eentje die kan lezen en schrijven. They do not pay any attention to boundaries. However, most internationalisms are usually borrowed.

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Y'all got to learn to read and write real good, so you never have to work for people like that. And especially not to linguistic boundaries. The spreading of internationalisms is interesting.

I taught him to read and write. She teach me how to read and write. Many people can read and write. They have evolved from the same word.

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ZH Internationalisms Globalization doesn't stop at languages. Register to see more examples No results found for this meaning.

Ik leerde hem lezen en schrijven. Kapitein Collins leert me lezen en schrijven.

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Ik kan lezen en schrijven, mevrouw. There are people in the lunatic asylum can read and write. She can read and writeColonel.

Taalpunt! Voor iedereen die beter wil leren lezen en schrijven.

Als kind had hij veel moeite met lezen en schrijven. He just has a little problem with reading and writing. When we discover languages, we always discover cultures too. But only when they spread do their names also spread.

This is evident in the increase in "internationalisms".

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Ik leerde er lezen en schrijven Virtually all children can read and writeeven though they've had a progressive education.

Yes, we pigs have taught ourselves to read and write. Cathy said you're teaching him to read and write.

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Sarah, het was amper lezen en schrijven. Other things spread very quickly around the world. She was teaching her to read and write. The words can thereby have meanings that are the same or similar. Ze heeft me leren lezen en schrijven.

There are words that are understood on every continent.

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Children learn to read and write to the video computer. Zij kan lezen en schrijven, Kolonel. It exists almost everywhere in the world.