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She opens her eyes to see whether she is approaching an occupied cabana to explain the feeling. Treading water, she looks around desperately for the figure to see where they have gone.

Outdoors seemed to be a relative term considering the entire area lay amid thick, heavy branches with various overhead canopies to keep on constantly in shade. They would also see too much and that is when she turns her eyes away.

I am sure you will be able to catch up with it if you hurry," he says, with a shooing motion of his hand. Having just passed one, she does not see anyone within the flimsy fabric of the tent and no one standing among the thick bush on the edges of the water either.

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So it is here, under the cooler shade of the trees, she was able to relax in the overly gigantic inner tube the attendant had handed out to guests who sought refuge in this manufactured setting.

The shine reflected off snomed ct relationships dating them was enough to blind someone.

The move so startles her that she stands there a moment in shock. She is not an elegant speaker on a good day and the way he was looking at her was making her stutter like an idiot. Alter Altera Alterum is Latin for, "the other one".

Her icy cocktail makes a stain of red against the blue chlorine of the water, making it garish purple color around her. She felt awkward in her perfectly acceptable white bikini.

Alter altera alterum

It had been suggested that perhaps white was not a wise choice considering the paleness of her skin, but she had liked the white and she thought the color rather suited her. Though, it becomes a trial to get back into that infernal floatation device first. Without another word, he grasps under both of her arms, lifts her completely out of the water and then settles her on her feet in front of him.

Your review has been posted. It looked more like a lazy river through the narrow channels of a rainforest with its hanging vines and twisting waters.

She dismisses the rest of her thoughts before they get the better of her and catches up to her tube just around the next bend. Too overwhelmed to be taken aback by his liberties on her person.

Just enough so that she felt close enough to other people and not completely isolated. She was looking forward to passing the rest of the afternoon uneventfully.

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Those eyes were the stuff of dreams and fantasy, as piercing as they are. Expect the usual twists and turns, but it borrows heavily from the film adaptation though not quite following everything. In comparison she felt feeble and weak and stupid. But she does not want to stay and find out.

Her deep lavender eyes widen as she realizes that the figure had a far more nefarious intention. The reaction of others had been embarrassing. In her attempt to divert them, she ends up tipping herself over and splashing into the water. The distance was not too high but the jagged edges of those rocks would be fatal anyway.

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Sitting up straighter, she squints her eyes to make out what sort of mischief some drunk individual was concocting.

Exordium is Latin for, "the beginning esp. Lammybug Living in the shadow of the one who came before, could darken the future they had together. She was promptly handed a large floatation device that was bigger than herself and almost as heavy, before being asked what she would like to drink by an unnaturally good looking bartender.

She submerses herself a moment so that her feet can push off from the bottom. Only it did not seem as if the figure meant any mischief at all.

He reminds her of a tragic hero from a dark tale of romance. Dark, mysterious and brimming with barely suppressed emotions that made his eyes spark with such intensity that it made her skittish. You'll not lure this one into the water. The tube also came with a handy cupholder, where her cocktail currently resided, as she let out another calming breathe and settled back against the air filled rubber keeping her afloat.

She sputters out water that had rushed into her gaping mouth and pushes her long hair away from her face. There was not one, but two outdoor swimming pools with one being an adults only pool with a lagoon like setting. Recapturing the tube and continuing on her leisurely float no longer held such appeal to her, but she really had no where else to go.

Here is the AU that I promised would be posted months ago. Feeling very much like a drowning rat with her hair flattened against her face, she looks up and is faced with the most attractive man she has ever seen.

Alter Altera Alterum Chapter One: Exordium The resort boasted a vast number of modern luxuries. The kind that one did not want to escape from but also hinted at danger.

Or he would be, if he were not currently scowling at her so disapprovingly. Finally, after a firm grip and lots of wiggling around, she was back on top of it and gliding along as if her interlude had never happened.

When she meets his eyes again, he is looking at her with his mouth slightly agape. As she lays back and tries to relax, she can make out the pulsing sounds of the nearby pool party.

Along the edges of the water were strategically located cabanas, erected with views of all passers who floated by.

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This was the sort of place that made her uneasy. It feels blessedly far away from this tranquility around her. Yes, it was all very disconcerting. If… if, you were going to, that is. He was so terribly handsome that she felt very intimidated.

Had they jumped anyway? That could not have been her imagination.