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All cartoons are scored by Frank Marsales. The orchestra band are ready themselves as they are waiting for the big game.

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There is another chicken in the background sitting on a bench rather lonesome. These numbers included cartoon studio production numbers, Vitaphone release numbers, Blue Ribbon re-release numbers, and MPAA certificate numbers. The green team are still struggling as one of the eggs is already hatched with chicks going out.

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Not all of these types of numbers were listed in the title cards of every cartoon and the numbering schemes were sometimes inconsistent. The coach refuses by trying to scare him away I guess.

03 - Along flirtation walk

Comes the big egg-laying game, it's Plymouth Rock College vs. The lonesome black chicken who is over the shoulder look flirting moves a substitute player asks if he can point the join.

The full cartoon is present on disc 4 of the Looney Tunes Golden Collection: A very tedious idea, too. The ducks are then singing the the title song, Along Flirtation Walk.

They are all getting prepared for their exercises. They then walk into the locker rooms all rather glum and upset.

The other two occur when the black Plymouth Rock hen is finally sent out by the duck coach to lay eggs.

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I didn't like the overall cartoon at all as it was bursting with blandness of the animation; and that considering that the characters don't speak English - and just clucking a lot. Blue Ribbon re-release program, in which some cartoons were re-released in theaters with new title cards that often removed original production credits and substituted production or release numbers with new re-release numbers.

That is even more bad news for the team. That is just kind of insulting in a way; laying eggs.

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Contents [ show ] Plot Human-like chicken students dance on the night before the big college football game, with couples dancing to a funny animal band and then listening to a glee club duck quartet harmonizing on the title number.

These release numbers, in turn, increased to but then restarted at 1. The points for "Rock" college are lowered to Bosko speaks, sings, dances and plays the piano before the cartoonist sucks him into his ink pen and pours him back into the inkwell.

The coach who is puffing his cigar all the time looking at his team in a very disappointed manner until he starts to quack at them.

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Seconds later after the two latter jump cuts, we see her on her nest wearing a girdle and no sweater with two other Plymouth hens assisting her.

The two-strip Technicolor process in there is really off-putting to look at and it looks rather close enough to black-and-white to me.

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As half-time is over, the red team walk with their bodies covered in snooker balls that they swallowed. We see dozens of eggs being laid but we do not see the hen actually lay them.

In many cases, the Blue Ribbon releases are the only available prints of a cartoon, making it challenging to discern these cartoons' correct original production information.

The referee blows the whistle and counts it as a penalty. Our cartoon begins with the college stadium the next day - and the whole stadium is full of excited crowds. At the game has only about 5 seconds left - the chicken is being pushed by other chicks by being squashed by a girdle.

The coach hears the whistle go in which the coach reacts with fear. The Lost Cartoons on March 12,although in an edited form.

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The lonesome chicken then manages to hatch so many eggs in that 5 minutes that the score is so close between 99 and There is a shot of these two peacocks sitting on a bench looking at each other lovingly. The lonesome chicken is now very popular for contributing to most of the eggs, so he gets most of the praise - and that's all folks.

The first occurs immediately before one of the Plymouth Rock hens attempts to lay eggs only to have chicks emerge from her nest. The next part then shows us these two ducks bathing together in a water fountain of love.

One can only speculate that the censors apparently found some egg-laying scenes to be too graphic or offensive for audiences and thus excised them from the film's original release print. In the film, a cartoonist portrayed in live action by Rudolph Ising draws Bosko, who comes to life.

We see from the windows are these silhouetted birds dancing inside the hall to popular music.


The players wearing green jerseys walk out of the locker rooms to walk into the field while the rival team in red jerseys walk out in the other end of the locker rooms. Inside the hall are these different type of birds dancing.

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Come to think of it - was Treg Brown already around that this time the cartoon was made? Mmm, I guess that it means they're having some celebration before a "big game" to take place tomorrow.

Meanwhile the green-jersey coach is walking around with his pipe probably worrying. I mean - they could've got something entertaining but instead the ducks and roosters are too human for that no offense to Daffy Duck or Foghorn Leghorn at all.

Complicating matters was the Warner Bros. Bosko pops out of the bottle and promises to return. The duck coach is still walking up and down still worried whenever or not the team will do badly. Furthermore, when she first sits on her nest, she's still wearing the Plymouth sweater.

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The next part shows these group of ducks who are wearing a jumper with each duck wearing a jumper to feature two letters to make the overall shirts put together in order reading "Glee Club".

The outcast chicken is still trying to persuade the coach to join the team but the coach refuses, still.

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The Rhode Island players are walking into the locker rooms self-satisfied, while the Plymouth Rock players are walking with their heads down depressed as they lost a game.

Yep, they're dancing - alright. I really dislike that idea for the "big game" to just show many eggs will be placed in for the scores - instead of some American football game.

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