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In the years andKreuznach was granted town rights, market rights, taxation rights and tolling rights under the rule of the comital House of Sponheimwhich were acknowledged once again in by King Rudolf I of Habsburg — He was afterwards taken into protection by Ruprecht III of the Palatinate — against a yearly payment of 10 Rhenish guilders.

Inat a time when a children's crusade movement was on the rise, children left Kreuznach on their way to Mont-Saint-Michel by way of Wissembourg. Inan attempt to reoccupy the complex by Augustinian monks failed; Jesuits settled there in and in they were granted it by agreement, today Oranienhof.

At Gottschalk's suggestion, Archbishop Johann of Nassau-Wiesbaden-Idstein about — lifted the " dice toll " for Jews crossing the border into the Archbishopric of Mainz.

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Marien-Kirche on the ait, supposedly endowed by King Dagobert I d. Along with the building of this castle came the rise of the New Town Neustadt on the Nahe's north bank.

Monasteries[ edit ] Before the Thirty Years' WarKreuznach had some 8, inhabitants and seven monasteries. Kilian; old parish church; monastery's nature unclearin the Osterburg old Roman castrumCharlemagne 's palace on the Heidenmauer "Heathen Wall" built on the site of the Constantinian Saint Martin's Church St.

InAaron Judeus de Crucenaco the last three words mean "the Jew from Kreuznach" was mentioned, as was a Jewish toll gatherer from Bingen am Rhein named Abraham von Kreuznach inand In her willshe divided the county between Electoral Palatinate and the County of Sponheim-Starkenburgbequeathing to them one fifth and four-fifths respectively.

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Martins-Kirchefirst mentioned about and destroyed by the Normans about[33] tied with a hospital in ; in the 14th century there was a Beguine cell with prayer house; the monastery was torn down about Elector Palatine Philip the Upright — and John I, Count Palatine of Simmern —granted the town leave to hold a second yearly market in On 9 JuneKreuznach was jewellery making courses in bangalore dating again occupied by the French.

When Count Johann I of Sponheim found himself in difficulties, Michel Mort drew the enemy's lances upon himself, sparing the Count by bringing about his own death.

Stationed in the town were regiments headed by William, Margrave of Baden-Baden.

On a false charge of usuryCount Simon III of Sponheim after — had him thrown in prison and only released him after payment of a hefty ransom.

Inthe townsfolk rose up against the town council. In the Middle Ages and early modern times, the following monasteries were mentioned: InKing Sigismund of Luxembourg — enfeoffed Count Johann V of Sponheim-Starkenburg about — with the yearly market, the mintthe Jews at Kreuznach and the right of escort as far as Gensingen on the Trier - Mainz highway.

The Sponheim abbot Johannes Trithemius — had brought the monasterial belongings, the library and the archive to safety in Kreuznach. Inin the Battle of Sprendlingenthe legend of Michel Mort arose.

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In this time, the town suffered greatly under sackings and involuntary contributions. The parts of town that lay north of the Nahe were assigned to the Arrondissement. The work is preserved in a manuscript transcribed personally by Louis V, Elector Palatine.

It is said to be one of the best preserved in Rhineland-Palatinate. On 13 Mayafter a cloudburst and hailstormKreuznach was stricken by an extreme flood in which 31 people lost their lives, some or head of cattle drownedtwo houses were utterly destroyed and many damaged and remaining parts of the town wall fell in.

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Inhalf of the old Frankish village of Kreuznach at the former Roman castrum — the Osterburg — burnt down. An earlier attack in March had been defeated. Palatinate-Simmern After Rome's downfallKreuznach became in the year a royal estate and an imperial village in the newly growing Frankish Empire.

Thirty Years' War[ edit ] During the Thirty Years' WarKreuznach was overrun and captured many times by various factions fighting in that war: After the French withdrew on 12 December, it was occupied by an Austrian battalion under Captain Alois Graf Gavasini —which withdrew again on 30 May Afterwards, of the 21 families there, 11 moved to what is now the Old Town Altstadt.

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As neutral ground, Kreuznach was placed under joint Badish and Palatinate-Simmern rule. Records witness Jewish settlement in Kreuznach beginning in the late 13th century, while for a short time in the early 14th century, North Italian traders "Lombards" lived in town.

Through its long time as Kreuznach's lordly family, the House of Sponheim had seven heads: Then, the town's first church was built within the old castrum's walls, which was at first consecrated to Saint Martinbut later to Saint Kilianand init was torn down.

On the grounds of allegations of fornicationhe fled the town only a short time afterwards, as witnessed by a letter [38] from Johannes Trithemius to Johannes Virdungin which Virdung was warned about Faust.

The town capitulated on 6 June [ O.

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The Jewish family Creizenach, originally from Kreuznach, is known from records to have been in Mainz and Frankfurt am Main fromand to have produced a number of important academics Michael CreizenachTheodor CreizenachWilhelm Creizenach. The briny springs were likely discovered in ; nevertheless a Sulzer Hof in what is today called the Salinental "Saltworks Dale" had already been mentioned in the 13th or 14th century.

The expression "Er ist zu Kreuznach geboren" "He was born at Kreuznach" became a byword in German for somebody who had to struggle with a great deal of hardship. The special taxes for Jews ordered in and by King Sigismund of Luxembourg were also imposed in Kreuznach.

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He is a local legendary hero, a butcher from Kreuznach who fought on the Sponheim side in the battle against the troops of the Archbishop of Mainz. From 30 October until 1 Decemberthe town was held by Imperial troops under Rhinegrave Karl August von Salm-Grumbach —but they were at first driven out in bloody battles by Marshals Jean-Baptiste Jourdan — and Jean-Baptiste Bernadotte — To defend the town there was, besides the castle's Burgmannenalso a kind of townsmen's defence force or shooting guild somewhat like a town militia.

Belonging to the fortified complex of the Kauzenburg across the Ellerbach from the New Town were the Klappertor and a narrow, defensive ward zwingerfrom which the street known as "Zwingel" gets its name.

Sometimes also encountered is the abbreviation Xnach often with a Fraktur X, with a cross-stroke: Saint Kilian 's Monastery Kloster St. Julius Wilhelm Zincgref — was installed in as the Kreuznach state scrivener by the allied Ludwig Philipp of Palatinate-Simmern.

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Nobody was beheaded this time, but Elector Palatine Philip did have a few of the leaders maimedand then put into force a new town order.

In that same year, Elector Palatine Philip bestowed ownership of the saltz- und badbronnen "salty and bathing springs " upon his cooks Conrad Brunn and Matthes von Nevendorf.

In Kreuznach, the study prefect Johann Engelbert Oliverius — worked and died. Kreuznach's last "Swedish" commander was Colonel Johann Georg Stauff —; raised to nobility in from Dirmstein.

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The town was thus heavily drawn into hardship and woe, and the population dwindled from some 8, at the war's outbreak to roughly 3, Count Walram's response was to have four of the uprising's leaders beheaded at the marketplace.

During the epidemic, the humanist and Palatine prince-raiser Adam Werner von Themar —one of Abbot Trithemius's friends, wrote a poem in Kreuznach about the plague saint, Sebastian. Serving as commanders were the Scots Colonel Alexander Ramsay d.