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Because descriptive ethics involves empirical investigation, it is a field that is usually investigated by those working in the fields of evolutionary biologypsychologysociology or anthropology. Normative Ethics What ought the prosecuting attorney do? It tries to be consistent.


Generate a list of moral principles and ideals you might appeal to in order to solve the dilemma or problem and evaluate the strengths and weaknesses associated with each. This goes back to the basic question of what makes actions right or wrong?

Research into descriptive ethics may also investigate people's ethical ideals or what actions societies reward or punish in law or politics. Act in such a way as to minimize pain and suffering.

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It contrasts with men who tend to live in a world of principle. Normative Ethics Theory Description: What ought to be noted is that culture is generational and not static.

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Ethical theories and principles are the foundations of ethical analysis because they are the viewpoints from which guidance can be obtained… Transcript two handed handshake flirting text. Because I said so!

Morality is a conscious action according to his way of thinking.

Ethical Theories

What is an honest person like? Presented by Douglas Borcoman 2.

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Rights are considered to be ethically correct and valid since a large or ruling population endorses them Society tells us what is right— On the other hand Natural Rights stem from God or the Universe.

Definitions of virtue vary.

What about in self-defense, or in war, an abortion? Like other systems, it places responsibility directly on the individual. The central question that normative ethics involves asking which actions we ought to perform and which actions it would be wrong to perform. Male and Female Ethics Women tend to live in a world of social relations, emotions.

Normative ethical theories question the moral values and issues.

Here are the rules for Duty Ethics: The utilitarian ethical theory is founded on the ability to predict the consequences of an action.

The wise teach the young. If you leave it to men alone, we would live in a very competitive and individualistic world. Congestion lessens quality of life Premise 2: He also says, to be moral, an action must be voluntary. Second, how do you check to make sure that you have come up with a good rule?

This calls for the principle of Reversibility. What should I do? You develop an image of what the ideal person is. A hero could be a political hero, a war hero. Moral values are associated with our internal state of beliefs that results in a particular external behavior.

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This priority to "do good" makes an ethical perspective and possible solution to an ethical dilemma acceptable. You can come up with what is the moral way to behave.

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In the rights ethical theory the rights set forth by a society are protected and given the highest priority. The second important question that this theory aims to ask is of what states of character are morally good? Pure reasoning is the source of morality. Ethical theories and principles are the foundations of ethical analysis because they are the viewpoints from which guidance can be obtained along the pathway to a decision.

In this case, a person should choose to do the least harm possible and to do harm to the fewest people. The virtue ethical theory judges a person by his character rather than by an action that may deviate from his normal behavior.

What are moral values? We all have all different reasons that determine whether something is good or bad or whether we are obligated or not to act a certain way.

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Insists on rules that are logical and applicable to all. The two principles of normative ethics are deontological and teleological. He says your reasoning can figure that out. This is called Practical Imperative. For example, it is wrong to lie but if I am lying and my intention is purely good then it is right to do so.