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What I've always enjoyed is the fact that you can see us in the same costume so you can see the potential for the scene. Since getting Philippe, that was the jump and when I made the jump and landed I never looked back.

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You said certain scenes had it and certain scenes didn't, we're always constantly trying as actors to figure out to get the most out of the scene but it dating website funny drawings of celebrities depends on dynamic and I guess that's the hit and miss in this production sometimes.

And they create the Olympia Academy and they become friends.

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Every scene in this play either will become very funny depending on the actors involved or become very emotionally charged. Yes, doesn't he, especially in writing We were always going for season 2 of "Versailles" I just didn't believe it until I signed the contract.

We're either prudes and criticize "This is the raunchiest thing on television", which it clearly isn't, but we're the generation that avidly seeks out more fetishes, more desires Just a few steps away is the coolest theater I've ever seen, the Bunker Theater, and when you enter this location, all the pieces of the puzzle fall into place.

So have yourself a nice cup of tea, a macaron and dive in to enjoy the read and the soundclips.

Alexander Vlahos Dating History

I took the role because of the role then you understand how much is asked of you, especially with Philippe and the relationship with the Chevalier. I never thought about it like that but it's very true.

So we had to treat the writing as if the writer had passed away years ago so we could treat it with a lot more confidence or guts and ask more questions.

And in season 2 it gets even more defined, they're writing for us now and that can only help the world that we're trying to create. Bustling streets are lined with cozy pubs, each one with a cluster of cool people gathered outside; you feel you would like to get to know them.

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I just couldn't not play it because it's something I'd never done before and I look forward to seeing what Johnny and Geoffrey have done with it because I was only there for three weeks over all, only in one episode. And if they focus on a convention, on a device, it's hurtful because if you've come because of that idea and you don't like that idea there's still some great work being showcased.

How does building that dynamic between two actors or characters compare to what happens for La Ronde where you change your characters all the time?

And the other one was raw emotions, the diagnosis Especially going into the scene after with the siblings, with the screenwriter. Me, I live six feet under the earth. I haven't been on stage for three years.

There's no fifty percent.

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So making sure that ten characters were very distinct whether that means changing your accent or a physical approach to it. I think maybe I started off as an optimist but I don't know what's happened or why I've become this person.

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And you'd add layers and maybe get four, five takes to get a moment down. It's the same idea, the same want that I've had as an actor of discovering something about myself through characters but with this it was about can I succeed in this challenge, trying to make sure ten characters are very different and enjoy it.

What about La Ronde in that respect, did you discover things about yourself? I'd be lying if I didn't say it is a big F you to people sometimes, we're so prudish and then we're so not?!

What's funny about that is that sometimes if it's two females or two males on the bed and they're shutting off the baby-monitor and why are they not content with their marriage or whatever, cuz they're clearly not as the spouse has been cheating on that person, sometimes the laughs are very awkward, sometimes it's a bit too true.

The following soundclip was added August You've seen Leemore gorgeous, built like a brick house. Max Gill's modernized version of Arthur Schnitzler's La Ronde offers a cross-section through all the people you've just seen in the streets and it invites you to look behind the scenes.

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In the scene with the doctor doing what he does in the bed, I noticed there were only male laughs in the audience. One word about "Genius"?

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In order to breathe life into the ten different characters of the play, a roulette wheel decides scene-by-scene between four exceptionally inspiring actors: Is there a connection?

He lives among us.

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The reason why I'm an actor, we talked about this, is the enjoyment of inhabiting someone that is so far from you, so you get to experience someone else's life.

You have longer with television to build up a relationship and also there's a lot of time jumping in television where you have to tell a story very quickly, there may be a year past between episodes where you have to show a little bit more of a progression but in La Ronde, there are a snippets, almost like sketches, characters at their most heightened or at their worst point.

Sometimes when you have the writer in the room it can become precious or the writer could become precious whereas if the writer is also the director maybe as actors you feel scared to challenge the work, challenge why that character says what he says.

On television you get to talk about it, you get a lot of takes, you get to add details and layers and it's not rushed really. And one thing is for sure I'm coming back multiple times to see this play with its fascinating concept in which no two shows are the same.

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