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Hence I can save.

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Smart Greenhouse Yuktix provides sensors based smart devices for climate control and precision agriculture which can measure climate variables inside the greenhouse and control light Luxhumidity, temperature, water pumps, cooling pads and shade nets inside your greenhouse to maintain ideal climate conditions.

Sprayers have increased the farm productivity by 4 times. I am able to save time and money after purchasing Agrimate Sprayers. It is very hard to get labours these days.

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As we worked through the installation, he listened to us and often made modifications on the fly. Prakash Agrimart stands out from the rest regarding unlimited income opportunity and growth potential. Anybody who knows iran tv shabkhiz online dating to ride a two wheeler can use it.

A WSM based post harvest solution would comprise of sensors and transmitters spread across the chamber that house the agricultural produce, communicating with each other and to a gateway over Zigbee.

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This has helped me break even within 18 months. Using the same quality components, almost anything we build with fiberglass we can duplicate with a polyethylene spray tank. Gardener is professional, creative and knowledgeable.

Agriculture Crop Disease Prevention Pathogens thrive in certain weather conditions.

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These situations might be short term storage needs, an inexpensive spot sprayer for use on an ATV or Utility vehicle, a skid mounted unit for the back of a truck, a 3 point tractor mounted sprayer or trailer mounted field sprayer. A greenhouse operator can monitor environmental conditions inside the greenhouse from anywhere on a mobile device.

Thanks to the supporting structure, systems, and training. They ask for a higher wage. To keep the produce safe from diseases and changing weather patterns, it is kept in climate controlled environments.

They also help in saving time. IoT enabled WSN solutions can be deployed in the storehouses to monitor the variables that may alter the ripening pattern of any produce and automate preventative measures.

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Post Harvest Monitoring and Remote Management A large part of agricultural produce is stored to meet future demand. You can also add a hose reel and spray boom. Since opening the doors of our business, we have grown substantially year after year.

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I had to spend per labour per day till I chose Agrimate Sprayers. Yuktix has developed a device along with a compatible sensor catalog to monitor environment variables inside greenhouses.

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The Weed Cutter has helped me to improve my output by removing unwanted weeds. Weed cutter is a solution to this problem. To address the needs of this market, SDI has developed a transportable silage inoculant applicator.

Mr Govinda Prakash Saya Amazing design and installation of our new, beautiful yard. Ananthaiya I no longer depend on labours.

Smart Greenhouse

I can do what I used to do in 10 hours with 10 labours now, in 4 hours with just one labour. Agricultural Equipment Agricultural Equipment SDI builds high quality sprayers and spraying equipment for the agricultural market featuring fiberglass or polyethylene spray tanks with trailer, skid, ATV or 3 point tractor mounting configurations.

Mahesh Today, it is hard to find labourers. We provide cellular and long range radio wireless communication options. I can now cover 2 acres in just 4 hours which used to take a whole day for 10 labourers. They coverage is more.


Dwayne our designer was patient, accommodating and experienced. You have the option of configuring these sprayers in many ways. Many of those early models are still providing value today, over 30 years later. The Tiller is so easy and simple to use.

This unit features the Dohrmann Dohrect Enject insulated inoculant tank to keep your bacteria cool and healthy during harvest.