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Inthe Carracci founded the Accademia degli Incamminati Academy of the Progressiveswhich began as an informal gathering of artists. In reaction to the Mannerist distortion of anatomy and space, the Carracci emphasized drawing from life.

In Carracci joined his brother Annibale in Rome, to collaborate on the decoration of the Gallery in Palazzo Farnese.

Starting from he worked as a reproductive engravercopying works of 16th century masters such as Federico Barocci, TintorettoAntonio Campi, Veronese and Correggio. Agostino's son Antonio Carracci was also a painter, and attempted to compete with his father's Academy.

He was the brother of the more famous Annibale and cousin of Lodovico Carracci.

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He travelled to Venice— and Parma — Thus, true caricature developed; an early example can be traced directly to Agostino.

In he was called to Parma by Duke Ranuccio I Farnese to begin the decoration of the Palazzo del Giardino, but he died before it was finished. Byit was the most popular teaching academy in Bologna and a rallying point for progressive artistic tendencies.

When Agostino, his brother Annibale, and their cousin Lodovico sat down to meals, they held bread in one hand and charcoal in the other. Nationality Italian The Carracci drew constantly. From — is a triple Portrait, now in Naples, an example of genre painting.

Carracci, Agostino

The academy helped propel painters of the School of Bologna to prominence. Agostino Carracci was born in Bologna, and trained at the workshop of the architect Domenico Tibaldi. Three years later, after a falling out, Agostino left for another Farnese family project in Parma, where he died prematurely in He posited the ideal in nature, and was the founder of the competing school to the more gritty view of nature as expressed by Caravaggio.

Jerome, now in the Pinacoteca di Bologna and considered his masterwork.

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His systematic drawings studying the parts of the human body were engraved after his death and became important teaching tools for the next two hundred years. In he also painted the Communion of St. Agostino was principally an engraver as well as a gifted teacher.

He also produced some original prints, including two etchings. He was one of the founders of the Accademia degli Incamminati along with his brother, Annibale Carracci, and cousin, Ludovico Carracci. As often as not, they poked fun at each other and people on the street.