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It is rather convenient that the C suffix of the designation can also be read as "Conventional", but other than most press releases may suggest, this is pure coincidence. The first powered flight occured in Marchand bandiger thousand arms dating first fully guided flight succeeded in September that year.

This warhead would also be effective against lightly-armored vehicles, but would have no effect against thickly-armored main battle tanks. It was initially a proprietary Rockwell product, but a Martin Marietta seeker head was integrated into the design by the time its live-fire testing began.

A Bfor example, can carry 20 AGM missiles, eight in a rotary launcher in the bomber weapons bay and another 12 on pylons under the wings. However, in February the United States declined to sell the missiles, while agreeing to proceed as planned with other modernization efforts the so-called Mid-Life Update 2, or MLU2.

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It makes the enemy pause and think twice about aggressive action, because it provides precision strike of a wide range of valuable targets.

It is also possible for the Hellfire to engage helicopters and slow fixed-wing aircraft, though its guidance, warhead, and flight profile obviously make it less than ideal for this purpose hence, why combat helicopters are often seen carrying missiles like the AIM Stinger and AIM-9 Sidewinder.

It has also been successfully integrated into ground-based and naval launch platforms, though to date none of these have entered production.

Data given by several sources show slight variations.

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It has a low radar cross section and can cruise at low altitudes, making it hard to detect. Prototype design of the Hellfire missile. The AGMA was only 4. The motors were all manufactured by Thikliol, but are now ATK products. Can't find what you're looking for?

The accuracy of the whole guidance system is probably between 30 m ft and 90 m ft CEP. The success and availability of the Hellfire seemingly guarantee that it will proliferate even further.

Dummy missile for ground handling training.


There were two viable options to achieve dating marques surveyors, either by using external fuel tanks with an essentially unchanged AGMA, or with a new lengthened missile called ERV Extended Range Vehicle.

In Junedevelopment was halted after it had become clear that it was more cost effective to develop a pure attack cruise missile without any decoy capability. Improved AGMF with a digital autopilot, replacing the analog autopilot. It is said to be the last production lot that will include non-ER versions.

The work is scheduled to be complete by June 29, There is a single vertical tail. Data for AGMB except where noted: This missile's distinctive name is a reference to the AHD Apache Longbowwhose sensor mast atop its rotor hub has the ability to detect, identify, and engage targets using the Longbow Hellfire.

It is equipped with a Litton P inertial navigation system, which is updated until immediately before launch by the B's INS. The missile homes-in on a laser spot produced by a laser designator.

This tactic was used to devastating effect in the Persian Gulf War. Designed to serve as an equalizer against superior numbers of Warsaw Pact tanks at the height of the Cold War, this missile continues to find a place in new missions and battles that were largely discounted in its infancy.

AGM-86B Cruise Missile

Armed with a nuclear warhead, it is designated ALCM. It is made primarily for use against soft targets that shaped charge warheads generally have little effect against, such as troops, light vehicles, watercraft, civilian structures, parked aircraft, and do on.

Poland's first modified Fs should be ready bywhen the first missiles are delivered. A new Block I configuration, using improved avionics and GPS receiver and a larger kg lb blast-fragmentation warhead, was successfully tested inand all existing Block 0 missiles were upgraded to Block I configuration.


The only documented case of the Hellfire shooting-down an aircraft was on May 24thwhen an IDF AH Apache shot-down a civilian Cessna intruding into restricted airspace which unfortunately stemmed from the inexperience of the civilian pilot, rather than hostile intent.

Also designated the CATM Figures given below may therefore be inaccurate! The program began in June SCAD was to be a decoy missile carried by B and B-1A bombers, which was to simulate the bombers on radar to disrupt enemy air-defense systems.

A variant adapted for use especially on fixed-wing aircraft, the Brimstone entered development as a modified Hellfire, but evolved into an entirely unrelated weapon by the time its design was finalized.

With the conversion of nuclear armed rounds to conventional warheads, the AGM will remain a very important weapon for the foreseeable future. Called a "Metal-Augmented Charge" MAC, for shortthe title suggests that this munition uses an oxidized metallic compound probably powdered Zinc or Aluminum as the bursting charge; if so, the heat of the detonation would be immense, as well as the blast overpressure.

Upon launch the wings flip out automatically. The Air Force exercised its options for an engineering services contract in for the AGM program and extended its engineering services contract with Boeing in Currently used by Saudi Arabia and the UK.

They were used in combat for the first time during the Persian Gulf War. Target recognition and terminal homing is via an imaging infrared seeker.


Exactly how much armor these warheads penetrate has never officially been disclosed, but has noted to be less than that of the I-TOW missiles. However, the greatest advantage is in the ability to engage multiple targets simultaneously by "ripple fire"; the launching of multiple missiles in tandem at a close group of targets, and then designating one after another as the missiles hit them.

Improved AGMC with a digital autopilot system, replacing the analog system in the previous models. The shelf life for the M series is approximately 20 years, by which time the missile must have its motor replaced, or be deactivated. Development of this weapon began inas a US Army program.

The penetrator warhead allows the missiles to destroy buried or reinforced targets from standoff ranges of hundreds of miles.

After launch, the wings and tail unfold and the turbofan engine powers the missile at subsonic speeds. The most famous example was the siege on the PDF headquarters building, in which Hellfires gutted said structure. The LRASM was not originally planned to be deployed on the B-1, being intended solely as a technology demonstrator, [44] but in February the Pentagon authorized the LRASM to be integrated onto air platforms, including the Air Force B-1, as an operational weapon to address the needs of the Navy and Air Force to have a modern anti-ship missile.

By far the most famous employment of the Hellfire was during the Persian Gulf War, in which AH Apaches destroyed more than Iraqi tanks using this weapon. All variants to date, with the exception of the AGML, employ semi-active laser guidance.