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Once Catherine is on the trail of Thomas Crown you'll join her in a hedonistic game of one-upmanship. The soundtrack is perfect, giving the entire movie an upmarket, worldly feel that befits a modern romance. Was this review helpful to you?

You might say Brosnan was typecast by Bond, and the idea of a suave player getting one over on yet another woman might be the obvious outcome, but not this time!

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Catherine epitomises sophistication with hair, makeup and fashions styled to perfection. The story races from one clue to the next, and we glimpse a world where time means nothing, and money is just, well, not an issue.

The film really sets the tone for the lush life with ultra-posh, elegant sets, millionaire-hobbies and exotic locations.

Well, either that or have enough money to do anything, then disappear.

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Crown to be beyond reproach; an untouchable pillar of wealth and good taste. She's done this kind of work before and must stay on her toes if she's going to implicate the wealthy Thomas Crown. It's a film for any person out there who'd like to have the freedom to do what they want and damn the consequences.

Leary is guilty of a bit of cussing and jaded police behaviour, but ya 'gotta hope he's still on the force. Russo Catherine is called in to investigate, claiming an office and sharing confidences with the local police department looking for clues.

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She's an understatement of success; a woman playing a man's game, bounty-hunting life and sex on her own terms and 'enjoying the chase'. This is really a love story for anyone who imagines being whisked away from the mundane into places that you've only read or heard about in glossy magazines.

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What you may find hard to decide though, is who to root for, and who really wins the game of cat and mouse at the end of this movie. The movie provides glimpses into their lifestyles, and at the same time, keeps them both just outside what you'd expect from a wealthy businessman and a woman working for an insurance company.

They have a healthy appetite for each other so the love scenes in his apartment and 'island retreat' are the 'stuff that dreams are made of.

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In the end, for all their cunning, Thomas and Catherine must decide if they can trust each other, just like most men and women must do in any love story. Dunaway - so no comparison required.

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There is some hot on-screen chemistry between Thomas and Catherine, making the love scenes, coupled with the sexy music and breathtaking backgrounds, erotic. These two characters exist in their luxurious world through strange circumstance and have made it their own through hard work and some bluffing.

Instead we're treated to a sophisticated game of cops and robbers, played out in this stylish and seductive entertainment.

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Brosnan Thomas is at the top of his game and may be involved in something illegal. The local cops and cultured community believe Mr. Leary makes a cynical, yet caring detective attempting to save face by nabbing Thomas Crown - however it's quite obvious in a city the size of New York that a bored millionaire looking for thrills by staging a theft is not his priority.