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In other words, brightness is the perception elicited by the luminance of a visual target. All of these options are available in our cables section.

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Response time is the amount of time a pixel in a display takes to change. I'd recommend selecting a model with both a HDMI port and built in speakers.

Older monitors with long response times would create display motion blur around moving objects, guidette game newgrounds dating them unacceptable for rapidly moving images.

Lower numbers mean faster transitions and therefore fewer visible image artifacts. This is implemented using a radio receiver having a tunable receiving frequency.

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Hi I was looking at buying this monitor and use it with my xbox one, Will it work with xbox one? It is measured in milliseconds ms. As the frequency of the receiver is changed to scan sweep a desired frequency band, a display indicates the power of the signals acer g276hlabid ghosting dating at each frequency.

Radio frequency sweep or "Frequency sweep" or "RF sweep" refer to scanning a radio frequency band for detecting signals being transmitted there.

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As is known, LCD display with limited viewing angle. Hi I messaged you the other day asking if it would work with xbox one and you said it wouldn't work with sound because doesnt have built in speakers.

Brightness refers to an absolute term and should not be confused with Lightness. Does it have a sound output plug in the back of the monitor so I would be able to put speakers in and listen to the gameplay?

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The image contrast is heavily dependent on the angle of view on the LCD panel falls. Brightness is an attribute of visual perception in which a source appears to be radiating or reflecting light.

Answer by Dan on 7th June This would depend on what outputs your Macbook has. Since the viewing angle is usually less than desired, each LCD unit acquires the reference viewing direction during its manufacture. The physical dimensions of the allowable angle, hereinafter - the viewing angle, are determined by several factors, the main ones are the type of "liquid crystal" and cycles powering.

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Answer by Dan on 13th March You'd be able to connect an Xbox One, but this monitor does not have any audio capabilities. Hiya, Can you tell me what cable I'd need to fit this monitor to a macbook pro, and do you stock it? Also does it have a sound output in the back of the monitor so I can plug speakers into it?

Answer by Dan on 14th March While Acer's spec sheet does not list any audio capability at all, I have found images that show an audio output jack.

At certain angles the contrast reaches a maximum, and the image is easy to read, with other contrast sharply decreases and screen reading very difficult.