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This collection comprehends several aspects of the African and Afro-Brazilian cultural universes, approaching themes such as religion, work, art, slavery, among others, while recording the historical trajectory and African influences in the construction of Brazilian society.

In June ofthe newspaper A Gazeta Esportiva entered into the internet.

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Therefore, some images in this gallery do not contain complete information or are lacking of more detailed verifications. Nowadays, it provides texts and pictures for the site Gazeta Esportiva.

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Documents, clothing and masterpieces were selected in a very diverse set of about 6, art works and objects. However, there are still many challenges in gathering complete information and references for all masterpieces that are part of this collection.

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Founded in from the initiative of its curator, Emanoel Araujothe museum quickly became a reference for national and international research focusing on historical, artistic and anthropological contents on Brazilian art and culture, especially in its African- Brazilian dimension. Challenges which takes into account from how these objects have been historically understood, to their respective singularities.

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Net and for the newspapers: It reflects the importance of more detailed researches and invetigations on these themes, pillars of Brazilian culture. In a country where sports has a highlighted position in the media, the Gazeta Press is an important vehicle for the support of production, providing texts, schedules, updated pictures and rare photographs that constitutes our body of work.

On October 20th,with the end of the daily publications of the newspaper A Gazeta Esportiva, all the information and services in the sports area were transferred to the site www.

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Updated 24 hours a day, in real time, the site became the most important electronic portal about sports in Brazil. Its articles with ample coverage of all the sports transformed A Gazeta Esportiva into the most complete sports newspaper in the country being recognized even abroad.

In that year, Gazeta Doc was remodeled and besides the researches, it became the Gazeta Press — a photographic and sports news agency.

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This large collection includes paintings, sculptures, engravings, photographs, documents and ethnological pieces by Brazilian and foreign authors, produced between the 18th century and contemporary times.

One year later, it was inaugurated the site www. In addition to these issues, there's also the fact this collection is a recent construction. The site replicated the contents published in the printed edition.